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Logo Design Christchurch

Logo Design : Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns the logo that Forest Graphics has designed?
Once the client has paid in full for the approved logo, then the logo is the property of the client.
Can I use my new logo for websites, stationery, banners and van signage?
Our logos are of a high enough quality that they can be used for stationery and brochure printing.

If you require the logo for van signage or banners, so large format printing, then we would need to create a larger logo for you at an additional fee, depending on the use.

One logo will not suit all, it can't be enlarged too big or it will affect the quality.

If for instance, the banner is produce by Forest Graphics, then we will of course wave the addional fee.
When do I pay for the logo?
We don't ask for FULL payment upfront:
We believe in our abilities in logo design as you can see from our logo portfolio. But we do need to ask for a deposit depending on the approved design fee. So if we design price has been approved between £50 - £125, we will ask for 50+vat deposit.

This gives Forest Graphics piece of mind. As for your piece of mind, you can see all of our design work throughout this website, which hopefully shows you that we are a professional dedicated design studio. Forest Graphics has been in business since 1996 and we have many years of design experience, so you and your company couldn't be in better hands.

Once the logo is approved, we only then send you an invoice for the balance, and once we have received your payment, then we will release the logo to you.
How do you proof the logos?
The logo we design will be proofed to you on-line for your approval. We will send you an email with a link, and this link will take you to your proof sheet. The majority of our logo designs within our gallery have proofing sheets for you to view.

Our price does include amendments. We try our best to deliver two or three unique logos that you will approve of, but we are happy to make amendments/changes if required. It’s all part of the design proofing process!

How long does the logo design process take?
Once we have clarified your design brief, so we are all on the same page, design wise, then we will book in the job and give you a time scale or date.