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Wedding Video Editing : Frequently Asked Questions

How about amendments?
Once you receive your dvd, go through it carefully, play the photo slideshow and click through the scene selection making sure you are completely happy, then either email us with any amendments or tell us you love it and we will await your payment.

If you do require amendments to the DVD, then we will make amendments from your written instructions outlining what you require changing and where (in hours and minutes) on the DVD this occurs.

This is all in the price, this is not an extra!

But we only do this once for the price, so please be clear about any amendments you wish to have done.
When do we need to pay / make a deposit?
A deposit is require by either cheque or bank transfer (BACS) after we have agreed upon the correct "Pricing Option" that your editing requires. Then we will start the editing process, then after editing the footage, we create one DVD with a specially designed label, for you to approve. We also send an invoice for the balance with your proof DVD. If all is fine, we will produce your final approved DVD copies once we have received the balancing payment. We then send back the original tapes/ digital files, plus the new DVDs 1st class Special Delivery.

We are an honest business and pride ourselves on doing a professional job, but unfortunately honesty sometimes only goes one way and we require reassurance that we will get paid for the professional job we will be doing.

If you are sending original miniDV tapes, then the editing of them are truly in safe hands and you only pay once you have approved our work, not before!

If you require additional information regarding the editing process of our service, please don't hesitate to contact us by sending an email or by phone.

We look forward to editing your special day.
Can you create both PAL and NTSC formats?
Yes we can. If you have family using Region 1 coding, like the USA, then we can export to NTSC.
How long will the process take?
From when we have received your tapes/files and simple brief, we will book it in for editing which is usually around 3-4 weeks, depending on how busy we are.
What are the pricing options?
As per STEP 5 within our contact form drop down list and also mentioned within our "Helpful Information" page, we have listed our prices based on the total amount of video footage that you will be sending us.

Option 1: sending us between 1-2 hrs of footage to edit = £150 - £250+vat
Option 2: sending us between 2-3 hrs of footage to edit = £300 - £400+vat
Option 3: sending us between 3-4 hrs of footage to edit = £450 - £550+vat
Option 4: sending us between 4-5 hrs of footage to edit = £600 - £700+vat
Option 5: sending us between 6-7 hrs of footage to edit = £750 - £850+vat

The prices above include, approx 1hr of edited footage, plus 4 dvd copies, scene selection, photo slideshow to music received, printed label, proofing and delivery.