Wedding Video Editing Services
wedding video editing

Wedding Video Editing from only £150+vat

How to get the best from us through editing and price!

Our only goal is to edit your "Wedding Day" as perfectly as we possibly can, creating a DVD that you will be proud to show your friends and family.

So you have mini DV tapes, digital files on memory sticks, DVD or on SD cards, containing your wonderful wedding day or special event captured by friends and family.

There are sections of your footage you wish could be removed, including out of focus parts, video of people's feet and you also want it edited down as there's just too much of it to watch.

If only you could have it all professionally edited together, including all the most important and precious moments, on a single DVD captured forever!

Here at Forest Graphics, we have the solutions to your problems. To capture those video memories onto DVD at a price that will not break the bank, creating a DVD unique to you that is simply priceless! Just like we did for these two clients and many others that you've seen within our portfolio.

wedding video editing service

What we require from you.

Go through these simple steps below and then fill in our "Free No Obligation Form".

Step 1: How many tapes?
Please tell us how many tapes you will be sending us.

Step 2: How much actual footage in total will you be sending us?
Give us the total amount in hours and minutes.

Step 3: Do you require a photo slide show with music?
Please supply up to 99 photos which is the maximum. Give us the photo order you wish to view them in, 1.jpg, 2.jpg upto 99.jpg

Step 4: How many extra DVDs, if required?
We supply 4 copies as standard in our prices, so please indicate if you require additional copies.

Step 5: Which Price Option do you need to select?
Please see our FAQ section, under "What are the pricing options".
This will help you select the correct option, when filling in our on-line form.

So the price is fine... what's next?

Once the price has been approved by you, we will ask you to send your SD cards or memory sticks etc containing your video footage, photos and music Special Delivery as this is the safest, fastest way to get your footage to us and please don't forget your simple wedding brief to help us with the editing.

As mentioned, we will also require a written "brief" as mentioned above, outlining anything important that will help us in the editing process including:

The names of the
Bride and Groom,
The Wedding Venue,
The Date of the Wedding

Also any important bits of information that will help us with the editing process, anything that you think is important that we may otherwise leave on the digital cutting room floor.

If you are giving us notes on a specific tape or memory stick, then please make sure that these items are marked clearly.

Photo slideshow with music

Please supply your photos on disc or memory stick. 99 photos is the maximum. Give us the photo order you wish to view them in, 1.jpg, 2.jpg up to 99.jpg

Music for the photo slideshow

The music for the photo slideshow and for the wedding footage as well as the 3-5 minute wedding montáge. Please put files on a disc or memory stick. Make sure they are titled and mention in your “simple brief” the order of importance. In other words, if you send us 10 songs, then tell us what you want used in the slideshow. Normally it’s 2-3 songs, then we can use others if required. Maybe you would like music in the first few minutes at the beginning of the wedding footage, if so, then we need to know this.

We will then edit your wedding footage or event, with scene selection, photo slideshow to music and extra footage (out takes) if we have room on the DVD.

Wedding Video Editing summary?

From your written "brief" outlining anything important that will help us in the editing process, we will edit your footage to about 1 hour. Then we will create the DVD, creating scene selection chapters, photo slideshow to music and a 3-5 minute montáge.

We will of course include the bride getting ready and groom's footage before the ceremony if we have the footage and also leading up to and including the ceremony itself, outside the church/venue and on to the reception, cutting the cake, speeches, concluding with the bride and groom's first dance.