"Video editing Services from digital media to the finished dvd"
Wedding Editing Brief:

This information below is a typical brief that we receive from our clients, outlining what they wish for in their edited wedding dvd. Highlighting moments to be included that they wish kept in or items that they would like removed. This is simply to help you get the most from Forest Graphics and for us to make sure we don't leave any key moments out.

Of course the ceremony, the speeches, cutting of the cake and the first dance are always included in our editing.

Of course we will edit for wedding carefully and with sensitivity and remove any footage that doesn't look right, so you don't need to be overly detailed in your brief. It's just if you have any standout comments that you think we need to know, then please add this in.

Please feel free to use this layout to help you put together your brief for us.


Photos being taken of family etc in the grounds

Bridesmaids leaving house

Bridesmaids and Pageboys arriving at the Church

Bride arriving


Coming out of

Footage of guests outside and scenery

Groom and bride having photos by Roll Royce

Photos being taken of family, friends in the grounds

Confetti photos

Reception with bride and groom entering


Guests arriving for evening reception

Cutting of the cake

First Dance

Evening 1

Evening 2


Mini DV tape No.1

SD Card No.1

Mini DV Tape No.1

SD Card

SD Card No.2

Mini DV Tape No.2

Mini DV Tape No.1

SD Card

Mini DV Tape No.2

Memory Stick No.2

SD Card

Mini DV Tape No.4

Memory Stick No.1

SD Card No.2

SD Card No.3

SD Card No.2

Memory Stick No.3

Included or Removed!

Father of the bride talking about the groom

Remove load cars driving past

Please remove motorbike sound in background

Please also use footage on SD Card No.2 for a different angle

Please use extra footage from SD Card No.1, No.2 and No.3

3 Pageboys at table drinking

Pageboys skidding on grass - get as many people in as possible

Older couple sitting down on bench

Brides sister with baby niece and grandad in scene

Please use video from Stick No.2 and add still photos .jpg21, .jpg22

Please use SD Card No.2 as well to show different angles

As much footage as poosible

Get as many people in the footage as possible

Please also add in stills 54.jpg and 55.jpg

Please also use footage from SD Card No.1 and No.2 if poosible

Bride and bride's father dancing together

Please edit disco showing guests dancing

Slideshow Information:

We have included a maximum of 99 photos for our Slideshow. As per your "HELPFUL INFORMATION" page.
We have put the photos in order onto a disc starting at 1.jpg, 2.jpg and so on.

We have picked out some songs that we would like included in our slideshow which we will supply. Please feel free to to use any additional music that we have supplied for the wedding montagë and within the main wedding footage.